WLHS Class of '73


Missing Classmate's Page

                      We have lost contact with the following classmates.  If you have any information, please use the form below to help us locate them.  Email is the most important since most communication will go out that way.


Jim (James Rowe) Adler, on Facebook, we think if he is in Seattle, WA? No response yet Bob Gass

Kathy Ginn, reported address -

4681 Jefferson Township Lane, Marietta, GA 30066

But no yearbook data

Sally Gossett

Found One!

Robin Orr
Janet Johnson Robyn Peek Morton

Found One!

Susan Hunter Youngren, , snail letter returned, have an email, believed to be in Oakton, VA. No response from her yet.
Dave Hoover Sally Sutherland
Paul Kuc Derek Wade, have two emails, one bad

Found One!

Diana Reese

Found One!

Un Yu